TikTok’s Newest Feature Attempts To Keep Kids Safe

Social Media’s newest obsession, TikTok has taken the world by storm transforming bedrooms into dance floors. It is another space for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively. Apparently, kids have spent too much time on the app and their parents have noticed. The concern of parents has reached the ears of the creators of TikTok as they announced its newest feature today called Family Safety Mode. The mode allows parents to control the amount of time their kids spend on the app.

Family Safety Mode is TikTok’s effort to restore the proper relationship between the users and the app. The Family Safety Mode allows healthier interactions for everyone involved. Parents will be able to hinder certain people from sending their kids messages or completely take away the ability for any direct messages to be received. The new feature gives parents access to limit what content is being consumed by their child. They will be able to control what comes across the timeline.

TikTok is trying to do their part to protect their users on the app. They have started to promote a new series on the app called “You’re in Control”. The series is a collection of videos that aim to present safety and privacy controls in a manner that connects with the age groups that are on TikTok. They have recruited some of the app’s most creative people to make videos educating users on several of these topics like blocking users, filtering comments, choosing who can duet with you, and more. The creators of TikTok hope that the information resonates with kids and prevents them from being involved in any negative situation on the app.


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