Newborn Giraffe In Louisiana Zoo Named After LSU Star

To say Joe Burrows is a legend in Louisiana now and for the foreseeable future is an understatement. Coming off a record-breaking, undefeated, championship season, Burrows can do no wrong in the eyes of those fans. The Baton Rouge Zoo held a fundraiser in hopes of finding a name that suits the newest addition to its family: a giraffe

There were three names that were finalists for people to select by vote. This was a different type of vote where one dollar donated was the equivalent to a vote for the name of your choice. The money would go towards conservation funding.

The three names were: Romeo, in honor of the giraffe’s parents whose names are Rosie and Rowan, Kiume, which is Swahili for masculine and strong, and then Burreaux, a nod to the LSU quarterback. As was the case in almost every competitive setting where votes took place just like the Heisman voting, Burreaux had the most votes and won the opportunity to share his last name with the giraffe that was born on December 26th.

Burrows, the presumed number one draft pick in this year’s NFL draft, will have plenty more giraffes and kids named after him if he can duplicate his success during his senior year to the NFL.

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