Cops Shoot Racial Slurs At Ex WWE Star Ricardo Rodriguez

WWE stars are known for their acting because of how they are able to make fights and altercations look believable. Jesus Rodriguez was not acting when he alleged to be held at gunpoint and verbally abuse by police over the weekend. Jesus Rodriguez, better known as Ricardo Rodriguez, is a former WWE wrestler, ring announcer, and commentator. He was pulled over by LAPD for reasons currently unknown.

Rodriguez said he was walking to his car when approached by an officer who slammed his face down on to the cop car, held him at gunpoint, and spewed hateful slurs towards him. His interactions with the police set off a series of tweets explaining what had happened from his perspective. He tweeted that a gun was pulled to his head by an officer who also called him a beaner and a wetback. Beaner and wetback are derogatory slurs against Mexicans or people of Mexican descent. The slurs stung Rodriguez because he is Mexican-American. The slur wetback applies to a Mexican entering the US illegally. These were strong hateful insults hurled at Rodriguez. Rodriguez asked for the cop’s badge and in response, the cop held him at gunpoint which is also when he started using the slurs. The cop left Rodriguez when the wrestler started to ask for his information and made him aware that he was filming their interaction.

This is an unfortunate situation, one that Rodriguez plans to rectify tweeting, ” I have a police officer thats gonna guide me thru this”

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