Survey Ranks the Worst Former Bachelor and Bachelorettes

We all love the drama of The Bachelor. So far on Peter’s season, we’ve seen champagne bottles being stolen, girls upstaging each other on the runway, contestants coming back after being kicked off and more. While some of the drama is certainly annoying, in the end, the entertainment is what keeps us coming back.

It’s pretty widely accepted that there are certain past Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and contestants that annoy fans more than others. This is pretty much known by the conversations on Twitter and other forms of social media, but, which former leads are truly the worst?

Insight Pest sought out to answer this question by surveying over 1,000 Bachelor and Bachelorette fans on the worst phrases, behaviors, past contestants, and past leads that the show has brought us. To see which former Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and contestants fans truly hate the most, keep reading.


The Worst Former Bachelors

  1. Juan Pablo Galavis
  2. Colton Underwood
  3. Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

Two of the three fan-voted worst former Bachelors are within the most recent seasons. While this list may suffer from some recency bias, it’s still pretty accepted that most people did not enjoy these Bachelors very much.


The Worst Former Bachelorettes

  1. Ali Fedotowsky
  2. Andi Dorfman
  3. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Unlike the Bachelors that made the top of their list, none of these Bachelorettes are from the most recent seasons. I guess that’s great for Rachel Lindsay, Becca Kufrin, and Hannah Brown.


The Worst Former Bachelor Contestants

  1. Luke Parker
  2. Jed Wyatt
  3. Lee Garrett

If you’ve watched the Bachelorette, I don’t think it needs to explained why Luke Parker and Jed Wyatt are at the top of this list. They’re… awful.


The Worst Former Bachelorette Contestants

  1. Corinne Olympios
  2. Kelsey Poe
  3. Krystal Nielson

We still ask what exactly happened to Krystal’s voice on Bachelor in Paradise, but we’re glad she’s found happiness with her husband. However, while Corinne Olympios and Kelsey Poe made this list, I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t nearly as bad as Luke Parker or Jed Wyatt.


Maybe by the end of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, there will be some new people ranking on these lists. Until the finale, however, we won’t know who truly is the worst. Enjoy the rest of the season, and don’t get too invested in the drama!


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