NHL Expansion Team Rumored to be Named the Seattle Kraken

It looks like the NHL’s Seattle expansion franchise is closing in its name. If online reports are to be believed, the Seattle Kraken will be the league’s 32nd franchise. The report came during a recent radio appearance on SXM NHL Network Radio.

Does that mean the fan base would become the “Krakheads”?

The news reportedly came from John Hoven of mayorsmanor.com, according to RussianMachineNeverBreaks.com.

Hoven did, however, say that he is “a little reluctant if there’s somebody trying to do the ultimate swerve and misleak information.”

“From everything that I’ve heard, it looks like Seattle Kraken is going to be the name,” Hoven said on the broadcast. “Which is quite surprising, actually, when I was given that information just a couple of days ago. I was a little bit in shock personally, just because we had been told several times previously that that was not the name that they were going for. It looked like they were leaning toward Sockeyes. And then now, I guess it’s come out that that was a name that’s been used in a book by an author. Maybe it was a fantasy novel, I’m not exactly sure, I haven’t done the research on what the book series was about. But it’s been out there I guess now for about five years or so. That just then creates one of those legal issues that the NHL tends to try to shy away from, trying to secure the rights and that sort of stuff.

Hoven adds that the Seattle franchise appears to be aiming for “red, a lighter teal-ish color, and black” as their primary colors.

We will have to wait and see if Kraken Nation or the Krakheads legitimately become a thing.

That is all the information that is available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant information should it become available at any time. If there is anything that we missed, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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