Fotis Dulos: Jennifer Dulos Murder Suspect Attempts Suicide

Fotis Dulos, the 52-year-old Connecticut man accused of killing his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos, was found at his home on Tuesday, January 28 after a suspected suicide, according to a report from the New York Times. Dulos was free on $6 million bond as he awaited trial on murder and kidnapping charges.

He was initially found in his garage and attempts were made to revive him. Video showed CPR being performed on Dulos before tents were placed throughout the driveway to restrict the view of news helicopters in the area.

According to NBC News, Dulos was transported to the hospital with a pulse.

Dulos was discovered after he failed to appear at a bond adjustment hearing, according to deputy chief clerk for the Superior Court in Stamford Ryan Flanagan.

“I am told Mr. Dulos is en route to the hospital with a pulse. Our thoughts and prayers are with him,” one of his lawyers Norm Pattis said.

A heavy police presence was at the Dulos property.

The New York Post adds details about the murder investigation:

Dulos, a luxury home builder, was accused of killing Jennifer in her home, stuffing her body in her Chevrolet Suburban and driving to New Canaan’s Waveny Park, where he had left an employee’s pickup truck. He then apparently got into that truck and drove off. Dulos’ ex-girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, is accused of conspiring with him in the murder. A third defendant, attorney Kent Mawhinney, a friend of Dulos’, was charged with conspiracy in the case and is being held on conspiracy charges.

Jennifer Dulos was last seen when she dropped her five children off at their school May 24, 2019. The five children have been staying with their maternal grandmother in New York City and were ages 8 to 13 at the time of Jennifer’s death.

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