Boomers Vs. Zoomers; A Generational Divide.

The recently popularized term “Okay Boomer” coined by the younger generation often referred to as “Zoomers”, has elicited controversy in what was once a comical tagline on social media. The joke has somehow converted itself into the reignition of our nation’s generational divide. The increasing use of the saying in the public eye outside of outlets like TikTok and twitter has rallied younger generations (Gen-X, and Gen-Z) into standing up against the older generations and their “outdated/ old person” beliefs.

“Okay Boomer” Beginning

Generation concepts of the 4 different generations (Gen Z, Gen X, Millenials, Baby boomers)

Boomer is slang referring to the generation of the baby boomers born from 1946-1964. The baby boomers epitomized a time of fruition for the individual, this was the first generation in a time period with much prosperity. The U.S government gave out post-war subsidies which created more housing and education opportunities for the young baby boomer generation. Baby boomers were also able to enjoy the optimal incomes in their respective workplaces, as well as social security benefits.

Social Media Sweep

The term “Okay Boomer” originated as a joke on social media spheres as a slight at the older generation for not understanding the youth and all their “inner angsts”. Then “Okay Boomer” quickly became popular as a trending meme on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. With this the catchy term took the eyes of youth, it was inevitable that the simple joke would pour over into real-world contexts. Soon after this the inception of this catchy slang, TikTok creators began merchandising the product which led to more recognition of the term.

A Meme Making a Change?

An emoji of a person with sunglasses texting "Ok Boomer"

The result ended up signifying a radically different sentiment than what the saying’s original intention was. “Okay Boomer” has somehow morphed itself into a signifier of all the things Zoomers stand for and believe in. Zoomers use this now as a platform to show the disparity in decision making within our government, and how some decisions don’t coincide with Zoomer perspectives. “Okay Boomer” has become a powerful stance in what was originally thought to be an innocent joke. But with the attention this topic is garnering, “Okay Boomer” seems to be a positive piece of the fight to put a more diverse set of perspectives in the chairs that make decisions in America.

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Fotis Dulos: Jennifer Dulos Murder Suspect Attempts Suicide
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