NFL to Test 2 New Rules at Pro Bowl Including Eliminating Kickoffs/Onside Kicks

The National Football League will be testing out some new rules at the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando the week before the Super Bowl. This week, the NFL announced two potential rule changes which will drastically alter the way kickoffs are handled.

Along with completely eliminating kickoffs, the league will consider an option that will allow teams one opportunity to regain possession after a touchdown — thus eliminating onside kicks, as well.

How will the new rules play out?

A full look at the new rule changes that will be tested at the 2020 Pro Bowl can be seen below.

Options After A Successful Field Goal Or Try Attempt:

At any point in the game, after a successful field goal or the conclusion of a Try attempt, the scoring team, (Team A), has the following two options:

1. Team A may elect to give Team B the ball at the B25-yard line, first-and-10, beginning a new series of downs. If this option is elected, all normal penalty enforcement principles will apply; or

2. Team A may elect to take the ball at its own 25-yard line, (A25), fourth-and-15. If Team A is successful in making a first down, Team A will maintain possession, and a new series of downs will continue, as normal. If Team A is unsuccessful in making a first down, the result will be a turnover on downs, and Team B will take possession at the dead ball spot (after enforcement of any applicable fouls).

Flinch By Flexed Receiver Not A False Start:

It is not a false start if a flexed, eligible receiver in a two-point stance who flinches or picks up one foot, as long as his other foot remains partially on the ground and he resets for one second prior to the snap. A receiver who fits this exception is not considered to be “in motion” for the purposes of the Illegal Shift rules.

It is not a false start if all 11 offensive players have been set for at least one full second and any flexed, eligible receiver breaks his stance by picking up both feet.

The 2020 Pro Bowl will take place on Sunday, January 26 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Kickoff between the NFC and AFC is set for 3:00 p.m. ET on ESPN and ABC.

What do you think of the potential rule changes? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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