Floyd Mayweather Is Still Boxing’s Brightest Star

When you type Floyd Mayweather Jr. into Google, it no longer says professional boxer, the polarizing champion who has a perfect record of 50-0. Now you see American promoter which is fitting for Mayweather because that is truly where he has separated himself from any other boxer in recent memory. His ability to promote himself and stay relevant while aging has brought him lasting success throughout his whole career. Floyd Mayweather Jr., even in “retirement”, is the brightest star in boxing today. He has managed to keep fans constantly wondering if he will really fight again. He has managed to keep the public on the edge of their seat. Mayweather’s name is a trending topic after a big fight. Maybe it’s his esteemed perfect record in boxing. Yet, there have been other undefeated fighters in history like Rocky Marciano, and most recently Andre Ward but none as captivating as Mayweather on their quest for perfection in such a grueling sport.

Mayweather’s every move is watched by millions and he relishes that attention. Time and time again he has managed to leverage his platform into boxing’s biggest paydays unlike any other star in Boxing. In his aging, he has become wiser by using his polarizing personality to his advantage. He doesn’t care that people don’t like him or that they want to see him lose every fight. He loves that because it means you will be watching the next time he’s in the ring and that’s all that matters. If you’re watching him, that means you’ve paid to see him. If you’ve paid, it means that he’s getting paid. He has marketed his way to millions which is fascinating considering his fights aren’t viewed to be the most entertaining. Known for his defensive fighting, Mayweather has dodged several punches from the world’s greatest boxers but also from Father Time. He has been technical in his approach to avoid irrelevance as he has aged.


Since its inception, Boxing has been a sport built on the backs of its greatest stars. There have been many stars in many divisions. The Heavyweights have Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, and Anthony Joshua. The Middleweights are led by Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. The Welterweights now have Errol Spence, Keith Thurman, and Terrence Crawford. None have the star power of Floyd Mayweather. Though all have dominated boxing physically in their own unique way, none has dominated mentally like Mayweather. He continues to show the world what makes him the brightest star in a sport with many. The last phase of his career has been a clinic on how to dominate boxing headlines without stepping into a ring. None have been able to do it like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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