Chance The Rapper Will Captain Chicago’s Celebrity Game

Chance the Rapper, the talented rapper from Chicago will be representing his city in more ways than one when they host NBA All-Star Weekend in February. Not only will he perform during halftime of the NBA All-Star Game, but he will also get the chance to show his skills on the court as well. Chance was chosen by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith to be the captain of his celebrity team. Smith and Michael Wilbon, who is also from Chicago, will be the managers of the All-Star Celebrity Game. While Smith chose the biggest star in Chicago currently, Wilbon chose Common, another popular rapper from Chicago who was once the face for Chicago rap for the past two decades. Common, who played in the celebrity game in 2012 and 2018 will be expected to use his experience to outplay Chance and his team.

The celebrity game has never been viewed as a meaningful event during All Star weekend but it is the only opportunity celebrities get to prove to the world that they can really play basketball. If you play well in the game, it adds your legend. For instance, Quavo played in the celebrity game in 2018 and made a lasting impression when he won MVP, scoring 19 points. If Chance or Common can do something memorable on the court, it could solidify their place among rappers to ever play in the celebrity game. Based on the footage of Chance’s jump shot, he may need more help on his team to secure a victory.

The full rosters will be announced soon but based on the star power of the captains, it’ll be entertaining to see whether their talent on the court is anywhere close to their talent musically.

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