Boosie Badazz Denies Rumors He Knocked Out George Zimmerman

Boosie Badazz was involved in rumors claiming he attacked George Zimmerman. Boosie was alleged to have knocked Zimmerman out during a confrontation in a Walmart. However, those rumors aren’t all they were cracked up to be.

The rumors read: “Lil Boosie apparently got into a very violent fight with George Zimmerman, Lil Boosie was in prison during the entire [Trayvon] Martin case but was informed about the trial by his manager who believed George Zimmerman ‘Got Away with murdering a young innocent child’ as he put it. This morning after seeing each other at Wal-Mart in Miami. Lil Boosie allegedly knocked Zimmerman ‘out cold’Β and was rushed to a hospital after he began suffering a seizure.”

However, Lil Boosie took to social media shortly after they began to gain steam by taking to social media to share a video message with his fans.

According to Boosie, that never happened.

“Hey, service announcement from Boosie. I never seen George [Zimmerman] in my life, but on TV,” Boosie said in the video. “This is a lie. Leave me alone. I never seen George Zimmerman in my life. George don’t know me. Talking ’bout I did something to him in Walmart. That is a lie.”

Well, that puts an end to that speculation.

While it would have been fun to believe that Boosie Badazz and George Zimmerman were involved in an altercation that led to Trayvon Martin’s murderer getting knocked out cold, it seems like it will just have to be an urban legend.

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