Top Satisfying Videos on Instagram To Help You Relax

We have all been caught up on Instagram watching people play with slime or squeeze sponges that spit out sparkles. It’s something we can do on our own but oddly satisfying to watch on your tiny phone screens. Watching is just as satisfying as doing it yourself. The sounds and the movement puts you in a calm state of pleasure.

Not the sexual type of pleasure, let’s get that straight.

But, the joy of cutting magnetic sand or squeezing thin soap rolls. Whatever it may be, here are our top 5 satisfying videos to put you in a relaxed mood.

Floral Foam

Probably, one of the newer videos to surface for satisfying videos. These are the videos of people squeezing foam with different colored sparkles. Each foam piece is full of water and sparkles. You merely press and watch the sparkly wave of magic pour out of the foam. Sometimes the creator tries to get the viewer to guess what color the sparkles are before they squeeze.


Kind of like the new and improved silly putty. It’s softer and slimy. Easy to make for young kids to do science experiments. But, to those who watch the Instagram or YouTube videos of slime, it’s the satisfaction of watching them fold and poke at the slime. The sounds echo in the video and are kind of exciting. Weird to say, but it’s relaxing watching someone else fold slime. It’s also soothing watching the different ways people add color through lipstick colors, die, or paint.

Soap Cutting

This section has two different soap videos. One involves a bar of soap cut into thin pieces and the other having dried soap curls crushed into little pieces. The bar of soap can either cut into strips or cubes. The cubed cuts are more satisfying to people who like the sounds of the soap cubes being cut and landing on the ground or table. The strips are satisfying to watch because the person cutting is smooth with each cut. The soap curls are crushed, and all you need to worry about is the sound. The small cracks of the soap turning into little pieces of soap dust make you melt into your seat.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is already cool by itself, but add a knife, and you’ve got yourself a viral Instagram video. Different shapes that can be formed with kinetic sand and then cut by a sharp knife is soothing. The sound the blade makes separating the sand into two distinct pieces makes goosebumps appear on your arms. It’s even better when the shape inside has a colorful design like swirls, different shapes, or plain stripes.

Peeling Plastic From Screens

Not something you find on Instagram videos but something that is everyone’s favorite thing to do when they purchase a new electronic. That feeling of pulling off plastic from a screen is like happiness in your hand. Shivers run down your spine, and you want to shake your body when the plastic entirely comes off. This is everyone’s favorite and deserves to be at the top of the satisfaction list.

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