Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer Offers Condolences to Don Imus’ Family

Rutgers women’s basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer has made public comments about the passing of legendary radio host Don Imus, who once used racially insensitive language to discuss the Scarlet Knights players during an appearance in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

The comments came following Rutgers’ loss to the Tennessee Lady Volunteers in the 2007 NCAA Championship Game.

While discussing the game, Imus referred to Rutgers players as “rough-looking women” and a “bunch of nappy-headed hoes.” The comments led to Imus losing his show “Imus in the Morning” on WFAN and an on-air gig with MSNBC.

In a statement released by Stringer, she offered her condolences to the family of the late-radio host.

“The Rutgers family has found peace through the years, and we are proud of our response to hateful words spoken years ago,” Stringe said in a statement, via the New York Post. “We are proud of the positive change it has brought about and the lesson that came with it — women and African Americans should be treated with respect, not only in the media, but in all walks of life.

“It is our prayer that Don finds eternal peace in his passing and we wish his family strength.”

Imus passed away at age 79 on Friday, December 27 after complications from lung disease. He had been hospitalized just three days prior on Christmas Eve.

Imus hosted “Imus in the Morning” from June 1, 1968 until March 29, 2018. Despite the controversy, the “shock jock” was also known for his charitable efforts. Imus’ family requests that any donations in his honor be made to the Imus Ranch Foundation, which supports charities for children with cancer and other major illnesses.

Imus is survived by his wife, Deirdre, and his children Wyatt, Lt. Zachary Don Cates, Nadine, Ashley, Elizabeth and Toni.

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