WATCH: Ref Takes Epic Flop in Eastern Michigan-Pitt Scuffle

During the final seconds of the Quick Lane Bowl between Eastern Michigan and Pitt, Eagles quarterback Mike Glass threw a punch at a Pitt defender during a brief scuffle. A referee was in the middle of the action and his reaction was an incredible viral moment that we often get during college football bowl season.

Glass swung his right hand at the Pitt defender and it glanced the hat of the referee attempting to intervene.

After feeling contact, the ref took an epic flop that would have made any NBA player proud. But hey, kudos to the referee for going all out and selling the call.

As you would expect, Glass was immediately ejected from the game after striking the referee.

Here are the two strikes from Glass:

“I believe that what we are seeing here is the ref having the bill of his hat hit, then going down upon further contact with a Pitt player. But this no doubt gets judged as a TKO and gets the EMU QB the belt,” college football reporter Alex Kirshner joked on Twitter. “The flop here by the ref is really amazing. Dude, you’re a ref! You don’t have to flop to draw a call! You can just call it yourself!”

And if you didn’t truly appreciate the flop from the referee, let’s take a closer look.

Well done, Mr. Referee.

After the game, Glass took to social media to issue a brief apology.

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