Heineken Giving Away 31-Packs of Non-Alcoholic Beer for ‘Dry January’

Heineken USA is here to help you out for “Dry January.” If you are one of the people who are looking to give up alcohol to start out 2020 on a healthy note, Heineken is making a limited number of their non-alcoholic Heineken 0.0 beer available for free in 31-packs.

The “Dry Packs” will not be available in retail stores.

“We hope at least 1,000 people will taste it and hopefully they may share some of it as well,” Heineken USA VP of marketing Borja Manso-Salinas said in a statement. “Quite frankly, that’s the best marketing for us because it tastes great.”

Along with the “Dry Pack” push, Heineken USA is set to commit $50 million towards their non-alcoholic product in the upcoming year while also planning to give away 10 million samples.


“We have sold over 50% more than what we expected, which is a big success,” Manso-Salinas said. “But this is still relatively small compared to the potential of the category and these products. So we are cautiously satisfied with how the first year has gone, but we know this is still only the very beginning.”

From Brewbound.com:

Manso said he sees potential for Heineken 0.0 to win back lapsed beer drinkers who have left the category as they’ve moderated their consumption and bring them back into beer-drinking occasions. According to Manso, 12% of Heineken 0.0’s volume was sourced from outside of the beer category. Another 50% of the brand’s volume came from beer drinkers who mixed the non-alc brand into their drinking occasions. The rest of the volume is being sourced from domestic beer brands.

Heineken 0.0 officially launched in 2019 and it was the Heineken USA’s highest-growing brand of the year with more than one million cases sold.

If you plan on being joining the one in five Americans who say they plan to observe Dry January, you can enter to claim one of the 1,000 free Dry Packs from Heineken USA by visiting their promo website.

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