WATCH: Is This Person on A Swing Facing the Building or Camera?

First, there was the white/gold or blue/black dress. Since then, we have seen plenty of optical illusions going viral on social media but it has been a while since one has been as divisive as a new video of a person swinging on a swingset.

In a video captured by Eric Tupper for TikTok in Anchorage, Alaska, a person can be seen on the swingset but it is difficult to tell whether they are facing the camera or facing a nearby building.

“Re-post because it blew up on TikTok,” Tupper wrote on Twitter, “Which way is he facing? Like if you think he’s facing the camera, comment if you think he’s facing the building.”

Here is the bizarre video in question:

As soon as the video was posted, the internet was immediately split.

“Ah good, we needed another White / Gold | Blue / Black Dress mass-argument. I love these things because it causes *actual*, huge amounts of salt for incredibly stupid reasons,” one Twitter user wrote. “With that said, he’s facing the camera. Yah dorks.”

Another person seems to believe there could be some video editing involved in the illusion: “My brain first saw the swinging left to right as going from building to camera, making him face the building. Then it flipped and I saw the swinging left to right as camera to building, making him face the camera.”

But there were plenty of Twitter detectives on the scene:

This is going to drive plenty of people insane.


So is the mystery person facing the building or the swing? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and let your voice be heard.

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