Barack Obama Discusses Climate Change, Paris Agreement

Former President Barack Obama has been more and more vocal about issues that could impact voters ahead of the 2020 election cycle. In his latest remarks, which came during a meeting with young Asian leaders at a Kuala Lumpur conference hosted by his foundation, Obama discussed climate change.

Climate change has become a major focus among the progressive left, and Obama shared his thoughts on the matter.

For the former president, the best way to combat the growing issue is get back in the Paris Agreement. While it may not be perfect, Obama believes that it is a longterm plan that will bring the most benefits.

“I took satisfaction knowing that just by setting up the mechanism, we had created the ability to over time, turn up the standards, turn up the demands. Send a signal to businesses so that they started investing in more clean energy because they saw change coming,” Obama said. “It’s too late for us not to have some impacts. And so there’s gonna have to be some adaptation that’s going to take place. The oceans will be rising and that is going to displace people. And so we’re going to anticipate and care for some of the consequences of that, including large-scale migration and disruptions that are going to be very costly. But there is a big difference between the ocean rising three feet and rising six feet.

“We take two steps forward. We take one step back … but the trajectory has been positive. And the best we can then do is just do our work and try to advance it as best we can. Understanding that we will not finish the job. Most of the time, the way the world’s gotten to where we are now is small incremental victories, not big sweeping victories all at once.”

You can watch the full discussion in the video below.

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