Francine Graham, ‘Coerced Into Militant Religion’, Identified as Second Jersey City Shooter

Francine Graham has been identified as one of the two suspects in the Jersey City, New Jersey shooting on Tuesday, December 10 which left one police officer and three people inside of a kosher grocery store — which authorities believe was targeted — dead, according to NBC4-New York.

The second suspect has been identified as David Anderson, who was reportedly a follower of the Black Hebrew Israelites, which is a black nationalist and anti-Semitic sect. He had left religious writings in a U-Haul that the duo reportedly drove to the store.

Not much is known about Graham, but those who previously knew her noticed a change after she met Anderson — including “evil” scriptures being chanted after being coerced into another religion.

From the report:

The neighbor described Graham as a former home health aide in Manhattan who met Anderson after she got hurt at work and quit; he says Graham turned into a “dark person” after they met. The neighbor also claims Graham was coerced into a militant religion he could not identify; chanting and reading of the New Testament, translated into “evil,” could be heard from her home, he said. A year ago, the neighbor says Graham stopped paying her condo fees and left. Jersey City tells News 4 the mortgage was assumed by a bank in November 2018.

After reviewing footage, authorities determined the deli was specifically targeted.

“They park the van. They exit the van with long guns in their hands. And they immediately begin firing in the location where we lost three of our citizens yesterday,” Jersey City public safety director James Shea said in a statement. “We now know this did not begin with gunfire between police officers and perpetrators and then move to the store. It began with an attack on the civilians inside the store.”

The duo reportedly deliberately bypassed other people on the street after exiting the vehicle with their rifles and began open-firing on people inside of the deli before their hours-long standoff with police. Both Anderson and Graham were killed in the gunfire.

Alleged Black Hebrew Israelite Follower Identified as 1 of Jersey City Shooters
Alleged Black Hebrew Israelite Follower Identified as 1 of Jersey City Shooters
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