Dabo Swinney Reacts to Paul Finebaum’s ‘Most Annoying Winner’ Comments

Dabo Swinney has caught wind of Paul Finebaum’s latest criticism. The Clemson football coach was bashed by the SEC homer for being the “most annoying winner” in college football but he didn’t take the comments to heart.

Swinney addressed the comments while speaking to the media and showed that he’s brushing the negative remarks off of his shoulder.

After all, Paul Finebaum is known to bash anyone not associated with the SEC.

“Paul’s great at what he does. I’m not gonna dislike somebody ’cause he’s great at his job. A lot of people don’t like me ’cause I’m good at my job or because I wear this logo. They don’t know me as a person,” Swinney said at his weekly press conference. “They just don’t like me ’cause I’m passionate about doing a good job. He works for the SEC. … That’s his job. I would never be upset by a person because he does a great job. I mean, Paul Finebaum is great at what he does.

“We’re the Red Sox, he’s the Yankees. You’re not going to have a Yankees guy stand up and talk great things about the Red Sox. That’s not what he’s paid to do. I’d like some time out. I’d like to take a nap. Y’all remember first grade? I loved that. … We should have adult time out time. Let’s just all bring a mat, take a nap and be good. I never had a pacifier though, so I don’t know how that’d work out.”

Up next for Dabo and the Clemson Tigers is a meeting with the No. 23 Virginia Cavaliers in the ACC Championship Game on Saturday, December 7. With a win over Virginia, the Tigers will virtually guarantee their place in the College Football Playoff — however, some people will continue to criticize Clemson’s weak schedule.

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