Which Colleges are Most Likely to Have Drug and Alcohol Problems On Campus? Study Finds Out

Some colleges are known for their academics, while others are widely renowned for their extracurriculars like sports or other student-run organizations.  Others still are known for their nightlife and a different brand of extracurricular activities. 

Based on the count of arrests and disciplinary actions on campus from 2015-2017, the team at Oxford Treatment, a rehab facility for people struggling with substance abuse and other addictions, figured out which colleges have seen the highest increase in drug and alcohol use on campus. 

So at which colleges and universities are arrests for drug or alcohol offenses most likely to happen?  

The Columbia Student Section

Columbia College comes in on top when it comes to the biggest increase in drug and alcohol use among students. With over 1,000% increased over the last few years, there’s obviously something going on with drinking on campus. The same can be said for reported student drug abuse, in terms of campus disciplinary actions. There’s over a 1,000% increase, according to the data.

Coastal Carolina is Consistently in the Top

There’s something to be said for consistency. Coastal Carolina ranks in the top schools for alcohol and drug use, abuse, and corresponding disciplinary actions. Even with different metrics and different studies, Coastal Carolina consistently ranks as a party school. 

Colorado Schools Are Climbing

Just because marijuana is legal in Colorado doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for students on campus. That being said, the University of Colorado at Boulder ranks #1 for colleges with the most drug-related offenses, and ranks #2 in terms of colleges with the most drug offenses per 10,000 students. 

This university can’t catch a break, because Boulder also ranks #1 in terms of the average number of offenses per school day. That’s an average of 17 offenses per day

Colleges and universities all over the country have sober students. Schools where there is no real increase in the disciplinary actions regarding drugs and alcohol show that there are other methods of mitigating binge drinking and problem drinking as well as drug use at college and in university settings. 

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