You Can Get Paid to Livestream Your Thanksgiving Dinner Thanks to CamSoda

Well, this is a new one. On Thanksgiving Day, we usually spend dinner time with our loved ones and enjoy a big feast. But now, you can share your Thanksgiving meal with the rest of the world thanks to adult website CamSoda. The webcam site is offering up a chunk of change for anyone willing to live stream their holiday dinner.

According to an announcement, CamSoda is offering up to $250 to anyone who will stream their meals and allow users to tune in for “CamSoda Voyeur Thanksgiving.”

The only requirement is that everyone included on the stream has to be 18 years old or older. You are not required to enjoy dinner without your clothes — and really, who would want to do that with their family anyway, you weirdos.

“Those who are lonely this holiday can now live stream dinnertime shenanigans and enjoy the company of others from afar with the quick click of a button,” the adult website wrote in a press release.

And, hey, along with getting some extra cash the company is also willing to give out some free tokens to the website so you can enjoy some voyeurism of your own in your free time.

“[Whenever] you have so many people gathered at one dinner table — the drunk uncle, the insecure cook, the nosy aunt and that one random cousin, among others — things can escalate quickly and make for entertaining content,” CamSoda vice president Daryn Parker told the New York Post.

“We think there is a healthy appetite for this type of voyeurism. People enjoy watching the antics of others — as evidenced by the popularity of video content on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok and on our main Voyeur Cams page.”

In 2019, we continue to find new ways to enjoy our holidays. Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone.

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