Top 5 Rarest Submissions In UFC History

The submission has always been apart of MMA, being able to put your opponent in an excruciating hold and making them tap out is satisfying. If a fighter has a great submission game, that is very dangerous. Being a great mat technician makes fighters afraid to take the match to the ground because they are more at risk of being caught in a submission.

There have been some crazy submissions in the history of the UFC, and it just shows that the guys on this list are an opportunist and any opening they receive will be taken and used effectively. Here are 5 of the rarest submissions in UFC history.

5. Ovince Saint Preux- Von Flue Choke

Ovince Saint Perux has used this choke on two separate occasions to end the fight. First was back on April 22, 2017, at the UFC Fight Night Event against Marco Rogerio de Lima. Saint Perux caught Lima in a lousy position and locked on the choke for the win. The second came on April 13, 2019, against Nikita Krylov at UFC 236 same thing locked in the choke for a second-round victory.

4. Ben Saunders – Omoplata

Ben Saunders took on Chris Heatherly in a welterweight bout on August 23, 2014, at the UFC Fight Night 43 Event. Saunders, who is known for his kickboxing ability, was able to impose his will on Heatherly and take him to the ground. Saunders was able to capitalize in an odd position and lock in the Omoplata for the first-round victory.

3. C.B Dollaway – Peruvian Necktie

C.B Dollaway took on Jesse Taylor in a middleweight bout on July 18, 2008, at the UFC Fight Night 14. C.B Dollaway had a dominant sprawl position against Taylor. Dollaway executed the Necktie perfectly and forced Taylor to submit in the first round of the fight.

2. Chan Sung Jung – Twister

Carl Sung Jung took on Leonard Garcia in a featherweight bout on March 26, 2011, at the UFC Fight Night 24 event.  Sung Jung had Garcia in a very odd position. But Joe Rogan knew what he was looking for and long, and behold the twister was applied, it did not look like he fully used, but it was still enough to get Garcia to tap out.

1. Nick Pace – The Pace

Nick Pace took on Will Campuzano in a featherweight bout in the Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale on December 12, 2010. Nick Pace locked in a weird lock that worked because he got the victory. This is the rarest submission ever because it never been seen or done before. Even after the fight when Joe Rogan interviewed Pace, he asked him what he called that lock, and Pace said, “The Pace.”

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