The 5 UFC Rematches Fans Will Never Get To See

When you think about some greatest UFC rivalries, you feel about Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz or Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. Something that these guys have in common is that these guys have met in the octagon more than once. Trilogies are always necessary when the fighters have one win apiece. Sometimes we do not get to see the thrilling end to the rivalry either because one fighter has retired, left the promotion, or just does not want to fight against the same opponent. Let’s take a look at some UFC rematches fans will not get to see. Note these are matches that have some sort of backstory, or the third match would be the tiebreaker.

5. Micheal Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold 3

Bisping and Rockhold need to have a rubber match to figure out who was the dominant force in the middleweight division. Bisping and Rockhold have met two other times, the first was in 2014 at UFC fight night. The first bout went to Rockhold with a 2nd round submission victory. Their next match would be 2016, and this time, Bisping would notch a first-round knock out. A third is more unlikely to happen because Bisping has retired from the sport.

4. Amanda Nunes vs. Cat Zingano 2

There is no doubt that Amanda Nunes is the most dominant woman in the game. In three out of her last five fights have been knockouts in the first round. Those three people are Holly Holm, Cris Cyborg, and Ronda Rousey. Nunes has had an impressive MMA career, only losing four times in her career. She’s only lost once since joining the UFC to Cat Zingano back in 2014 via KO. After that loss, Nunes has been on a nine-fight winning streak. It has to be on Nunes’s mind that she wants to get revenge on Zingango, but it will not happen as Zingano requested for her release by the UFC.

3.Robbie Lawler vs. Johny Hendricks 3

The two fights these guys put on was incredible, both matches going the distance and going to a decision. The first fight in March of 2014 was an absolute slugfest that would eventually end with Hendricks taking the decision and the Welterweight title. The second fight would happen eight months later, and the narrative can Lawler regain his title. The second fight was another slugfest with Lawler coming out on top and taking back his title via decision. The third less than likely to happen because Hendricks decided to retire and focus on coaching.

2. Henry Cejudo vs. Demetrious Johnson 3

At one point in time, Johnson was pound for pound the greatest fighter in the UFC. While Jon Jones was out of action, there was no doubt that Johnson was the guy. Every fight he was in Johnson did not look like he missed a beat. But incomes Cejudo, a man he beat before in 2016  via KO. Cejudo looked to continue his dominance by taking the title in their 2018 bout. Now the match went to decision, and it was a questionable decision by the judges. Cejudo ended a multiple-year run and became atop of the division. The third fight will not happen because Johnson was traded to another promotion.

1. Connor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo 2

The Mcgregor and Aldo was a much-anticipated fight in 2015, and it was hyped up as two of the most popular fighters in the UFC going toe-to-toe in the octagon. When it happened, it was not exactly what fans were expecting as the fight ended in 13 seconds, with Mcgregor getting the knockout. This would end a reign of dominance by Aldo and start one for Mcgregor. Fans were upset; the match ended so early and wanted to see these two guys square off again. That will not happen; the fight was trying to get booked, but Mcgregor does not want to do it.

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