How Online Casinos Attract their Favorite Customers with Irresistible Freebies and Giveaways

Who can resist a seriously substantial online casino giveaway? Regardless of the industry, freebies and promotions are appreciated – and the iGaming industry is no exception. Giveaways and promotions are a widely used advertising tool in the iGaming industry to attract new players and give them a positive experience. That’s not to say these platforms want to attract just any players, they’re looking for specific types of people who are likely to revisit their site. This means targeting the players who are most likely to enjoy the themes, the games, and the free giveaways they offer. In return, it means players have the opportunity to test-run a few different sites and enjoy a practice round – or score a few extra spins. It’s a win-win. Is this why the online gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries? Maybe.

Which strategies should gamers look for when they’re searching for a freebie? It depends on the games you enjoy. These are the top 5 strategies used by online casinos to attract new customers.

1. Free plays

Free plays are often awarded to new registrants, as a welcome gift. It allows you to play as though you have real money, getting a genuine feel for the games and the way in which they run. It’s also a good warm-up tool, giving new players a practice round before they have to put the actual dough on the table. Free plays will attract a large variety of online gamers because everyone loves something that is free. Those who return with their wallets in hand (proverbially speaking) are the ones the site will hope to retain. If they offer occasional bonuses and cashback promotions, alongside reputable games created by well-known developers, it’s likely they will see return visitors.

2. Bonuses

Bonuses are often targeted at sports bettors who are given the opportunity to place free bets and casino gamers in the form of extra spins at the end of a round. Bonuses can also incentivize larger deposits and encourage new players to register. In fact, many gamers will research the latest casino bonuses, which has become easier thanks to sites that highlight the top bonuses based on their reviews, and present games that offer up to 100% bonuses. Players can register with those sites in order to gain the benefits. Free spins on slot machines are usually the most popular.

3. Frequent Player Points aka FPP

The benefits of revisiting the same platform can yield wonderful advantages, such as Frequent Player Points (FPP). This strategy is highly competitive, so players are likely to find incredible deals here. The competitive element in FPP lies in the desire of the online platforms to retain players by adding value to their experience in a unique way. Thus, there are entire departments dedicated to researching competitor sites’ FPP deals and outdoing them.

4. VIP Services

According to statistics, top spenders aren’t only seated in actual casinos, they’re playing big and winning bigger in the online sphere. Now, in order to attract these high rollers, iGaming platforms have created special VIP Services to entertain and facilitate the thrills of the big spenders. The VIP services often give privileges you wouldn’t normally find – like free tickets to special events and extra bonuses other players don’t get.

5. Time-Bound In-Game Events

Like a game within a game, in-game events are distractions, like separate little sidequests that distract you from your original game. This keeps you engaged for longer and afford the company more opportunities to market to you. Some of these in-bound events may have a time limit – for example, ticket-based tournaments. These events usually only last for a few hours and require the user to purchase limited-time tickets. Players are rewarded for their participation with prizes and free extras.

Finding the Luckiest iGaming Opportunities

New players can gain substantial experience by simply engaging in free spins and promotional offers on various iGaming platforms. There are always new and updated offers, so those who have gained experience on a variety of platforms will always find new and exciting games, themes, and sites to try out. Another benefit to the user is the fact that you are able to sample your favorite games before you place money on the game. 

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