Antonio Brown Accused of Rape: Full Story & Must-See Details

Antonio Brown’s tumultuous 2019 offseason and now season continued with the announcement of a federal lawsuit accusing him of rape. The lawsuit was filed by Britney Taylor, a former gymnast and trainer of Brown who met him while the two attended Central Michigan. The lawsuit claims Brown sexually assaulted her twice in 2017 before raping here in 2018.


The lawsuit claims that Brown exposed himself to Taylor in 2017 and later ejaculated onto her back. It also includes these NSFW emails he sent her:

The lawsuit later claims Brown apologized for his actions and Taylor began working with him again. It then alleges that on May 20, 2018 he forcibly raped her. Brown has denied any wrongdoing and plans to countersue for civil extortion according to Josina Anderson.


Antonio Brown Saga Continues

These allegations continue a long string of controversy surrounding Brown. After a falling out with the Steelers in 2018, ultimately leading to him being suspended for a must-win week 17 game, the Steelers traded Brown to the Raiders in the offseason. After Brown’s helmet from 2018 was banned by the NFL during the offseason, Brown decided to protest and began skipping practices. This led to him being fined, and he posted a picture of the fine to Instagram. The next day Brown and general manager Mike Mayock had a heated confrontation and Brown threatened assault Mayock, leading to him being suspended. After Brown apologized to the team for his actions, he was reinstated. That night, however, Brown posted a YouTube video of a phone conversation his coach Jon Gruden had with him, leading to the Raiders voiding the guarantees in his contract. He later requested a release from the team, and was cut just days before the season opener. Four hours later he signed a new contract with the New England Patriots.

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