Top 5 WWE Dream Matches Fans Will Never Get To See

Growing up a wrestling fan, you start to witness the changes in the pace, storylines, and roster. Fans who have been wrestling fans and have seen the way things have changed want to see some superstars face each other. One thing about being a wrestling fan is that you start to make dream matches that can only be made in video games. As time passes, WWE superstars get older and the chances of seeing dream matches get smaller and smaller. Here are five WWE dream matches that we as fans will never get to see.

5. The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE 2K19

Growing up during the attitude era, this was a match that would have been epic beyond belief. Three of the most popular stars during the attitude era going at it would be amazing. They have faced each other one on one and have been in some of the most memorable WWE matches. But we never got to see them all fight each other at the same time. This match would have been a perfect Wrestlemania main event, and the fact that it will not happen is disappointing.

4. The O.C vs. The Shield

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The state of wrestling has changed so much, tag team wrestling is more popular than ever. Especially now with teams like Young Bucks and Lucha Bros tag team wrestling has been a significant part of the sport of wrestling. We have gotten some fantastic matches over the years. Teams have emerged and have made some future stars. One team that is an example of this is The Shield who consist of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, emerged as a team but have become stars in their respective singles career. The O.C who consist of A.J. Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson was part of the famous team Bullet Club in Japan before coming to the WWE. Seeing those two teams would be witnessing a textbook tag match. But this won’t happen because Dean Ambrose is no longer part of the company.

3. Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold

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The fact this match never got to happen is a surprise. Hulk Hogan left WWF in 1993  and decided to make his WCW debut in 1994. Hogan would make his second in run WWE in 2002. In that time, he would face superstars such as The Rock and Triple H. Stone Cold would start to get older, and his time as an in-ring competitor would begin to come to an end. Austin would reveal that timing was the reason this match never happened when Hogan made his second return Austin was not in top shape and on his way out and did not want the match between him and Hogan to be a bust. Both stars are now retired, and it does not seem like we will see them get back in the ring again.

2. The Undertaker vs. Sting

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This match was one that everyone wanted to see since the WWE debut of Sting in 2014. Sting had just come off a nine-year tenure in TNA and decided to finally make his way to the WWE. Fans believed that we would finally get to see this match at that years WrestleMania, but instead, we got Triple H vs. Sting. We will not get to see this match because Sing would need surgery to correct his cervical spinal stenosis and would have to retire. Undertaker is getting up there in age but would like to wrestle still. WWE teased this by posting a picture of the two.

1. The Rock vs. Shawn Micheals


Two of the biggest stars in the ’90s were The Rock, and Shawn Micheals and the fact that fans will never get to see them face off in the ring is a shame. The Rock started his rise to stardom in 1998 winning his first championship and becoming one of the most significant heels in the company. Shawn Micheals in 1998 had to get back surgery after injuring his back in a casket match with The Undertaker. While The Rock was taking over the company in the Attitude Era, Micheals was on the shelf, making appearances on shows but not actually wrestling.  The Rock and Shawn Micheals would just never get to happen the timing was off, and it was stated on Chris Jericho podcast that Rock refused to work with Shawn Micheals.

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