14-Year-Old Students Reportedly Fed Teacher Crepes Covered in Bodily Fluids

Some 14-year-old students are in trouble after an interesting recipe they served to their teacher. According to Buzzfeed News, seven boys at Olentangy Hyatts Middle School in Powell, Ohio served their teacher crepes that were covered in urine and semen.

Three of the boys have been charged with assault on a teacher and four others have been charged with complicity to assault a teacher. The chares are class 5 felonies.

Four teachers were reportedly served the dish.

From Complex:

“I believe this is a form of ‘YouTube flu,’ where kids are influenced by dumb pranks they see YouTube ‘celebrities’ do – it is a game of getting views, clicks, and likes,” attorney Brad Koffel explained. Four of the boys began planning to put semen on crepes days before they went through with it, with one of them bringing some in a plastic bag to school. When the students were making crepes in their classroom, he snuck it into his recipe and gave it to a teacher who ate it.

Buzzfeed adds:

During a classroom activity where the students were making crepes, the boy put his semen in a crepe with the intention of giving it to his teacher, Kridler said. The boy then allegedly gave the crepe to the teacher, who ate it. According to the complaint, another of the boys also brought his semen to school in a bag but didn’t end up using it.

“They are not adults, and they are not going to be punished like adults,” a spokesperson said.

The boys are set to be arraigned later this month.

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