The Learning Opportunities Of After School Programs

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who to leave school the second the final bell rings, an those who can’t get enough. For the ladder they many take part in some after school activity. For the former type of student, this may seem like a waste of time, but studies have shown that after school programs can provide several learning opportunities.

Now it is entirely understandable that not every student can be apart of these programs. There are obstacles, such as jobs, homework, family, etc. that may require your time away from school. However, for a student that has free time, then investing time in an after school program can be quite beneficial.

In this article, we will be going over 4 of the most significant learning opportunities that can be provided, both directly or indirectly, when joining an after school programs such as a sport, an organization, or just a simple club for people to hang out.

Tutoring Opportunities

Tutoring example


While some may decline these programs because it takes time from homework, it might actually be the best place to go because of it. There are plenty of after school programs that can help provide tutoring for students that may need help with a subject and don’t want to feel judged on it.

This is often a major fear when it comes to why students refuse to seek help in a subject, but the truth is that there’s nothing to feel judged about, and clubs that specialize in tutoring are a prime example that showcases this mentality.  Subjects like math and history can be quite tricky, and the school knows it, which is why this opportunity is often more widely available than any other club.

Can Teach Outside Lessons

Cooking is an example of life skills


One of the biggest criticisms that arise on the education system from both students and even other adults is that classes barely ever cover anything that involves learning about financial advice, or anything that becomes a more significant responsibility to them as an adult.

This is where these programs can come into play. Many of which can help teach students new aspects about being an adult and learning how to handle other issues that may arise in the way. This can be especially helpful in the future when there’s no school, all work, and many difficulties. The better prepared they are, the smoother life can flow for them.

Can Broad Horizons

Finding out of your confort wall


In this day and age (actually this has likely always been a thing) we often tend to keep to our own areas that are free from the unknown, in other words, “safe spaces.” However, by doing so, we often miss out on so much of the world around us. It can be scary, but what point is there is living if there’s no way to really live.

This is why after school programs provided the opportunity to learn more about the world around you. There are often clubs that celebrate diversity in the world, whether this is by race, religion, or any creed. The opportunity to broaden your horizons can become quite helpful in understanding who you are.

Provides Opportunites to Practice Social Skills

Learning social skills


Speaking of comfort zones and safe spaces, another habit people can often find themselves stuck in, is the inability to socialize with other people. More specifically, with people in person. This is why after school programs provide the best place to really practice these abilities.

Assuming two people in the same club have similar interests, this leads a perfect path to a conversation, which after a while can build confidence in both yourself and likely the other person, a win-win situation. Furthermore, this skill can also help when talking to someone that doesn’t share the same interests nor opinions as you. Tieing back to the idea of broadening your horizons.

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