Amazon Prime Student 2019: Discounts & New Deals

In most recent times, many streaming services have found an incredible way to capitalize on the market of the younger adults (or in this day in age “Millennials”). They have done so by creating student discounts for those attending universities and wish to have the opportunity to find some form of entertainment in between their classes and pressure barriers.

Many companies have lent a hand to this trend, such as Spotify, Hulu, and Netflix. However, much recently, there has been a new student plan that just might have them all beat in more ways than one. This plan is Amazon Prime Student.

For a highly low price of a month, $6.49 a month (or $59 a year) students will have access and discounts too so much more then their money should allow. This is where we take a look at what subscribers to this plan can expect when contemplating this offer.

Free and Fast Shipping

Fast shipping


To start off, we’ll discuss what benefits Amazon Prime alone can provide. This includes free shipping to items that are marked with the prime stamp (you know the one). This can become very helpful in the long run when students need specific textbooks or supplies that might be available physically or financially at there own bookstore. Furthermore, they also provide a much faster shipping rate with less than 2 days max, and can even receive rewards for no-rush shipping.

Student Discounts

Shipping for supplies


While it may be helpful to have free and quick shipping, the down payment of supplies is still an obstacle, but not with this plan. Students can save as much as $20 to $25 on much of the supplies that they may need. However, books and pens are not the only possibilities for discounts to take their toll. They may also save money on clothing such as new shoes, sweatshirts, and much more.

Music Streaming

Amazon music


Here we come to one of the most significant wow factors of this student plan. Amazon music claims that there are as many as 50 million songs free of ads to listen to. This can come in handy when either waiting in between classes or walking long distances to other building.

However, if this music all you want, then Amazon does have an alternate plan that will only charge an absolute low fee of $0.99 a month with Amazon Music Unlimited. Compared to the $7.99 nonstudent members of Amazon Prime.

Prime Video Streaming

Amazon prime video


With Amazon Prime Video, you get precisely what you would expect from a high-quality video stream service. Access to many original and syndicated TV shows and Movies. Along with access to live sports, and so much more. This acts as the best way to spend your free time on the weekends (Assuming that studying doesn’t get in the way).

Product Sampling

Sampling product examples


This feature is definitely something that stands out from the rest. With Amazon Prime Student, you get access to sample many different products. This includes food such as San Fransico Bay coffee, Bear naked granola, and KIND bars. Furthermore, this also contains samples of cosmetics such as L’Oreal Paris, Dove, and Lumifiy. All of which (by that I mean in samples) are entirely free.

eBook Reading

Paperwhite Kindle

Amazon Screenshot

What would amazon be without the one market of products that they started with: books (more specifically a modern way of distribution). With Prime, Reading Students will have access to many eBooks along with many other types of material such as comics, magazines, and more.

All of which (at least with the novels) have audible narration. This can especially helpful for reading books that have been assigned to you or as another means of free time.



Ever since their buy out with Twitch back in late 2014, Amazon has been trying to reach out to the gaming market one move at a time. That’s why with Prime Student, you will get free in-game loot, bonus games, and a monthly channel subscription to Twitch Prime. This will allow you to view your favorite twitch streamers live and have free online access with no ads.

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