What to Expect for UFC 240 Main Events

It will be difficult for UFC 240 and 241 to impress after the excitement and success of UFC 239.

But UFC 240 has definite potential to blow our minds, especially with the two main events. Bovada Sportsbook and other online betting sites have Max Holloway and Cris Cyborg both as heavy favorites.

But should they be? Let’s break down UFC 240’s Main and Co-Main events.

Felicia Spencer vs. Cris Cyborg (-610)

Cris Cyborg is a humungous favorite over Felicia Spencer. We all know that Cris was tough as nails, but the shots she took from Amanda Nunes before finally going down hard enough for the TKO stoppage, showed how strong her chin really is.

But Felicia has seven UFC wins in a row, and she also won her last five amateur fights putting her on a 12-0 run. She’s kind of a riddle that no other 145-pounder has been able to figure out. She has the meanest rear-naked chock in the game –as we saw with Megan Anderson. But will she be able to handle the most powerful female fighter –aside from Nunes? This is Cris Cyborg’s last fight on her UFC contract, and the outcome will have a definitive impact on whether or not we see a Cyborg Nunez rematch. That said, if Spencer handles Cyborg, it should jump her in the queue to a title shot with the Lioness.

All and all, with Cris Cyborg’s power and experience, she is justly the favorite. But -610 is a bit much considering Felicia Spencer’s momentum and skillset. I would say that Cyborg should be more in the upper-200s range (like -280), no this massive -600-plus betting line. So, with that said, there is value to be had taking a small wager on the Canadian. 

Cyborg is coming off a loss and knows that her career hinges on this fight. But Spencer is fighting in close to home and will have that extra spark that comes along with thousands of screaming fans cheering you on. 

This is going to be a war. I’m not sure if Felicia has ever seen striking power of the likes of Cyborg, so like any UFC fight, the end is potentially just one punch away at all times. That said, if she gets Cyborg’s back, it’s game over.

Frankie Edgar vs. Max Holloway (-385)

Frankie Edgar is giving away a lot of walking weight, height, reach, and age to Max Holloway. “The Answer” stands at 5’6 and has a reach of 68 inches. He has defended the lightweight title three times as the former champ and is now ranked as the No. 3 guy in the featherweight division. Not only is Edgar a BJJ black belt, but he was also a Divison I wrestler. So, those who haven’t seen him fight just need to know that his grappling is about as on-point as it gets. The thing that makes him stand out is his technical boxing ability. Most guys who are as established in Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling as Edgar is, don’t have the footwork and timing of a high-level boxer. Frankie does. 

Holloway is the current featherweight champion and will be towering over Edgar with his 5’11 frame. That said, for a taller guy, his arms are not that long. His reach extends to 69 inches, just one inch longer than Edgar’s. Max is a purple belt in BJJ with passable wrestling skills. That said, he does have excellent takedown defense. Though, Holloway relies on his superior punching ability with occasional kicks. But his two best attributes are his iron chin and conditioning. Holloway is second only to El Cucuy when it comes to stamina. He is a volume fighter that lays it on non-stop and never seems to run out of gas. 

This is going to be a serious battle. The one factor that really makes me lean towards Holloway is the fact that he is right dead-center in his prime at 27, whereas, Edgar is now 37. I believe the 10 years of extra youth will give him a slight edge in the fight and lead him to victory. That said, it is not going to be a walk in the park. Edgar will get some shots in, and pressure him with the ground game. Ultimately, Holloway should walk away victorious … should.

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