WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Jr Gets Ankles Broken at Charity Basketball Game

Floyd Mayweather has gone 50-0 throughout his illustrious career inside of the boxing ring. Mayweather was known for his defensive boxing that allowed him to avoid any major damage throughout his career and he was never officially knocked down by a punch.

However, at a charity basketball game in Los Angeles, Mayweather was dropped and went down for the count.

Mayweather was participating in the all-star Monster Energy 50K Charity Challenge at the UCLA Pauley Pavillon in Los Angeles, California when he found himself face-to-face with streetball legend Larry ‘Bone Collector’ Williams,

That’s when Mayweather was hit with a nasty crossover and learned firsthand how “Bone Collector” earned his nickname.

Immediately after the ankle-breaking crossover which got the crowd on its feet, videos began circulating on social media as fans watched in awe that Mayweather was rendered helpless. As Mayweather looked up from the ground, “Bone Collector” rubbed some salt in his wounds by sinking a three-pointer.

Let’s take a look from another angle.

And how about one more time for good measure?

That clip is never going to get old. Well, unless you are Floyd Mayweather. And if there is one guy watching at home with a huge smile on his face, you know it’s none other than former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor, who has hinted at some interest in a rematch with Mayweather after falling short in his first effort against the unbeaten champ.

If they ever do square off again, Mayweather better go next level with his trolling and bring the Bone Collector out in his corner.

McGregor has also called for a rematch with UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov — who was the last man to defeat him. Whether any of those bouts was actually in the works is anyone’s guess, but they seem to be the only bouts that have piqued the brash Irishman’s interest since he began discussing a return to combat sports following his flurry of legal issues and suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his post-UFC 229 bout with Nurmagomedov and his team.

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