Can Giving Up Alcohol Improve Your Mental Being?

Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and anything else that looks crazy in your local liquor store may seem like the best cause to escape the reality you live in.  However, the truth is that reality can come back to haunt you through your own mental health.

While I’m not trying to discourage anyone from drinking (at least responsibly), studies have shown that severely limiting the amount of alcohol we consume can significantly increase our mental performance and mental health. In fact, even giving it up all together might be the best-case scenario.

In the article, we will be going over a few ways as to how mental performance can increase as the amount of alcohol we drink decreases.

The Boost In Performance

Better preformance in the work place


Although it seems apparent that you would never work while under the influence of alcohol, it might as well be present when it comes to your mental capacity. What I mean by this is that studies have shown that people who find themselves drinking more often tend to be more careless and lack more of the skills to strategize then those who don’t drink as much.

This may be the cause of several factors.

  1. A Placebo Effect that might trick your brain into thinking you can’t perform to standards when you.
  2. The use of alcohol can and will significantly affect judgment. Which, as one might believe, can lead to disastrous implications in the workforce.
  3. Piggy Backing on the last point, judgment can also affect how much alcohol is enough to be satisfied, thus can make you feel inclined to drink in larger quantities.

These are issues that can carry over to the brain, even if the mind is sober. This is why the possibility of giving up alcohol ultimately may, in fact, be the best thing one can do. Because the sooner one can stop, the sooner these issues will linger into sobriety.

Improve Your Happiness


For some people, they believe that drinking can improve their emotions by making them feel less stressed and more relaxed, but the facts are that the people in question about this believe, will likely become more depressed as time goes on.

According to studies done by HKU (Hong Kong University), adults who have either never drank or completely given up drinking experience a much higher well being.

This allows them to be much more determined and more pleasant to be around. The reason why is because when we drink, we often create a false sense of the world around us. We feel less inclined to think before we act, which can lead to emotional problems that can cause us to become more bitter.

This is the same type of issue that is caused by all kinds of addictions. When it becomes escapism for life every once in a while, it’s not too bad, but when it starts to take over, it then becomes an issue. Therefore, moderation might seem like an excellent alternative route, but it may only be helpful for so long.

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