‘Floribama’ Star Nilsa Prowant Arrested for Flashing Crowd During Filming of Season 3

Nilsa Prowant, one of the stars of the MTV hit show Floribama Shore, was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida during filming for season 3 of the series. And oh my, the story behind her arrest is quite the doozy. TMZ had the details of the wild night that led to Prowant being booked on multiple charges.

According to reports, police officers saw Prowant on a balcony above a large crowd before she exposed her breasts and flashed those who were down below.

After flashing the crowd and being approached by officers, Prowant decided to kick out the window of a vehicle. The report states the St. Petersburg Police Department was willing to let Prowant slide for flashing the crowd, but once she made the decision to kick out the window they had no choice but to book her.

Prowant was ultimately charged with two misdemeanor charges — disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs.
















From TMZ:

The report says that Nilsa was told she had to beat it after that, but cops say she became belligerent and erratic. They also say that once she got into a car for a ride home, she started ot lose it … allegedly kicking the rear driver side window, until it shattered. That was the last straw, it seems — witnesses say one cop said, “You got to go.”

Prowant’s bail was set at just $400 and she was released the following morning at approximately 6:30 a.m. ET.

Now, we just have to wait and see whether the alleged incident finds its way into the storyline for season 3 of Floribama Shore or if the producers will ignore the incident despite it taking place during filming. One thing is for sure: the wild night seems like it was made for TV.

While we wait to find out whether the arrest will be featured on television, you can check out photos of Nilsa in the gallery above and click follow on Instagram where she has more than 517,000 followers.

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