How Distracting Is Technology In the Classroom?

One of the most significant controversies to strike the concerns for students by parents and other adults is regarding the use of technology. While it has undoubtedly been beneficial to aid students in their education for research, communication, and lecture.

This has also come with issues that involve how distracting technology can be if not monitored. Now we find ourselves struggling to gain the perfect balance between how much technology we should invest not just our money but time as well.

In this article, we will take a look as to what the point of views is from both the adults that have brought these concerns up, as well as the students themselves who may be under the receiving end of the issue.

What the Professors Think

Teachers discuss with each other


Believe it or not, the idea of technology is not a complete black and white ideology to adults. There are those who believe that technology is quite essential to a student’s learning.

This is evident from a recent study that shows as many 36 professors agree on the idea that the use of cell phones and laptops are quite helpful and should not be put under any form of ban. Because to do so could place a damper on the inability to learn and adapt to lessons being taught.

However, there also those who believe that technology, such as cell phones being used in class can also cause a massive issue with distraction.

According to the same studies, as classrooms get more prominent and with more students that attend. It will be much harder to maintain who are using their devices for the benefit, and who is using it to keep their mind off the relevant lecture.

What the Students Think

Student using laptop for homework


Caring on to the topic at hand Students also have their own say when it comes to how technology should be handled.

As much as 68% of students in the study claim that technology in the classroom can have an annoying presence as even with the silence of cellphones it can cause a reaction that gives students the tick to check their own phones. A form a nondirect nor initial persuasion to latch back on to their phones.

Furthermore, students have also admitted that being on their laptops have either improved their knowledge or considerably deteriorated from it. Although that might depend more on the location. For if the said student was at home, the chance of distraction may increase, but at school, the possibilities might be lower.

There have also been reports that students do not see the problem at hand as they believe they can either control their use much more efficiently or simply refuse to comply with the facts. No matter how you look at it. The situation has no solution that can satisfy all.

Overall Conclusion

Students on laptops together


As both professors and students are quite aware of the situations and potential problems that may come into play. It is very crucial to be able to form an equilibrium of what technology should be used for education and education alone. Furthermore, it’s also essential to keep these ideas in the back of our mind so that the whole argument never becomes one-sided.

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