Gillian Howe Death: Teacher Dies After Drinking Glass of Wine

Gillian Howe, a 46-year-old teacher from the United Kingdom, was enjoying a few glasses of wine with a friend last summer. The two were in her hard before Howe “slumped forward.” She passed away on her transportation to the hospital, according to the Telegraph.
An investigation was launched into her death and it was ultimately determined that she died from respiratory failure as a result of alcohol intoxication after drinking a bottle and a half of wine.
Howe was the mother of two children described as “full of life, always laughing and happy.”
Her father said, “She was a wonderful daughter who was devoted to her family and we will miss her greatly. She had four children and loved them greatly and would do anything to make them happy.”
From the report:

Dr Justin Cooke, a pathologist who carried out a post-mortem examination, concluded that Mrs Howe had died due to respiratory failure as a result of alcohol intoxication. Her family described her death as a “tragic accident” and said what happened “may not have been the case in someone used to drinking”.

Howe was reportedly nearly four times over the drink-drive alcohol limit.
“That was the last time I saw her. I sent her a message at 9.30pm saying thank you for everything and she said there was no need at all and ‘we all love you so much’ and that was my last contact with her,” her husband Edward Howe, who had recently gone to work after attending a fair with Gillian, said, via the Daily Mail. “She was a devoted mum and a fantastic teacher and was loved by all those who had the pleasure of knowing her.”
Howe is survived by her husband and four children Grace, 11, Peter, nine, Laura, seven, and Evelyn, five.
Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Gillian Howe as they continue to deal with her tragic and sudden death.

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