SpaceX Starlink Satellite Controversy: Full Story & Details

As the new decade approaches, so does the search to innovate technology. One of the most prominent names in recent time to add on to this development is the company known as SpaceX.
Opening back in 2002 by Elon Musk, this company has done everything in its power to revolutionize the way we think of space travel in ways that NASA could only dream of accomplishing now.
However, one of it’s latest releases, the Starlink Satellites, have caused some less than stellar reactions from astronomers. Not because of the quality of the mechanics, but because of their blockage of the sky.

What are Starlink Satellites?

Starlink Satellite with internet cable.


The purpose of these satellites is to perform much of the same functions that a standard satellite would be expected to do such as communication, meteorology, mapping, etc. However, the Starlink Satellite will attempt to make these accomplishments by being made smaller as they will reduce the cost of space research.
Although they’ve been in development for the last few years, they prove to have much potential that will create advantages to many scientific, military, and other discoveries in exploration.
They will also make an attempt to develop a new internet system know as “Starlink Internet.” This internet will be crucial for astronomical research as it will provide those in space wireless internet and become a significant milestone in expanding our reach further out in the galaxy.

The Most Recent Problem

Radio Satellite to show example of second problem.


Even with all the promise of a better future, that doesn’t mean it contains no issue of the present. One other aspect I should mention is that there have been more than one of these satellites launched into the atmosphere, around 60 to be precise. Because of the number of satellites that have been scattered out, there has been a lot less space for astronomers to study.
To clarify, the satellites have been blocking the way for astronomers to be able to study the solar system in two significant ways, and the plans to add more may be even more detrimental.
First, the metal the satellites are made from reflect very easy towards sunlight. This can then lead to the damage of ground-based telescopes due to the additional light being admitted, not to mention that these reflections would be harder to pick up on due to being so faint to track. This can result in difficulty for an astrologist to pinpoint where to avoid these areas.
Second, this may also threaten the observations towards radio wavelengths. To explain, radio astrology is another technique used to study astrology. It does so by allowing us to understand the many wavelengths in light, radio, and other scientific uses. On a side note, it was this form of research that even lead to our recent breakthrough of creating the first image of a black hole. However, if the satellites continue to admit radio wavelengths that can interrupt the flow. It may be that much harder to create any more scientific discoveries.

SpaceX Response

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX


The issues have been brought upon by as many over thirteen thousand members of the international panel of astronomers. In response, SpaceX’s founder, Elon Musk, has made plans to oversee the production of the satellites so that they can perform at peak quality while still keeping an eye on any problematic factors towards the research for the galaxy.

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