Shaq Comments on Drake's Sideline Antics

Since the NBA Playoffs began, Drake‘s antics have been a hot topic. Now, a NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquielle O’Neal, is weighing in on the sideline behavior. While others have an issue with how Drake is handling himself, Shaq has no issue with the behavior and believes it is all a positive marketing ploy.
“Think about it? The practice facility is named after him,” Shaq said. “So what’s the difference between him and Steve Ballmer? What they do? He’s just having fun, having a good time. And, again, as a guy sitting there watching on TV, it’s very entertaining.
“Drake is a smart guy. He knows what he’s doing. It’s called ‘marketing’ people. The drama… I love it. So, as a fan and an analyst, you just want to see good basketball.”
Drake was officially hired by the Toronto Raptors years ago as the official Global Ambassador. Since then, the franchise has gone as far as naming the training facility in his honor as the OVO Athletic Center.
After the Raptors scored a Game 1 win over the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, Golden State rebounded with a Game 2 win. The two teams will now face off in Game 3 on Wednesday, June 5. Tip-off is set for 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

Toronto finished their second-best season in franchise history with a 58-24 record and went on to win the Division and Conference Championships. For the first time ever, they are competing in the NBA Finals.
The Raptors are led by Kawhi Leonard, who they acquired from the San Antonio Spurs, and has been clutch throughout the postseason. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Raptors’ first since 2016, Leonard landed a buzzer beater in Game 7 to send the team to the postseason.

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