LaVar Ball Says Lakers Promised to Sign LiAngelo

LaVar Ball is back to making some wild claims. In his latest interview, the Big Baller Brand patriarch alleged that he had a promise from the Los Angeles Lakers that they would sign his middle son LiAngelo.
According to Ball, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka promised they would sign Gelo to a contract.
“One of the things they told me is, ‘We keep family together,'” Ball said during an appearance on FOX Sports’ Undisputed. “Now if you want Lonzo to lead this team, why don’t you get a piece that works well with him which is his brother? You gotta get ‘Gelo first. You at least got to give him a chance to play with Lonzo. You should have at least got him in Summer League. I thought they were going to take him with the last pick.
“We did talking just like grown men. We don’t have to put it all out there. I ain’t saying put my boy on the team or nothing like that. Let him play with Lonzo and see how he do.”

Later in the interview, LaVar tried to squash rumors that LeBron would be leaving the franchise.
“LeBron ain’t going nowhere. LeBron is looking at the big picture,” Ball said. “He’s got enough talent on the team to make them win. Without a free agent.”

Whether LeBron follows what LaVar said remains to be seen, but Lakers fans have to be hopeful that the brash father is telling the truth about what is next for one of the biggest stars in the NBA.

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