Here's How to Get Free Chipotle During the NBA Finals

Apparently trying to capitalize on the success that Taco Bell has seen with their “Steal a Taco” promotion that runs during the World Series and the NBA Finals, Chipotle will be launching their own free food deal during this season’s “men’s professional basketball championship series”.
While Chipotle is not an official partner of the NBA and therefore has to refer to the 2019 Finals as the “men’s professional basketball championship series”, that’s not stopping them from running a social media promotion around the event.
In an official press release, Chipotle explained how fans can score free Chipotle during the 2019 NBA Finals:

“Every time an on-air announcer says the word ‘free’ during the official coverage of the men’s professional basketball championship series, Chipotle will be ‘freeting’: live tweeting a unique code good for the chance to win a free burrito from @chipotletweets.”

In total, Chipotle said they will be giving away 500 burritos during the first half of games and 1000 burritos during the second half of games.
As for how to claim the burrito, all you need to do is be the first one to tweet the special code to 888222 (standard text and data rates will apply).
Furthermore, in addition to the free meal promotion, Chipotle will also offer free delivery on orders of $10 or more from Thursday, May 30 until the NBA Finals end (or Sunday, June 9).
Given the existence of the free throw and Kawhi Leonard’s and Kevin Durant’s impending free agency decision, there will be plenty of opportunities for basketball and burrito fans to cash in on this promo.
Now, whether you actually want free Chipotle is another story entirely.

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