Was Howland Reed Sitting Next to Sam in the 'Game of Thrones' Finale?

Despite never uttering a word, Game of Thrones fans believe that this character that can be briefly seen at the Dragon Pit council meeting is actually somebody quite important in the Westerosi Cinematic Universe.


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During a small council-esque meeting towards the end of the series finale, all of Westeros’ greatest lords and ladies convened in the King’s Landing Dragon Pit to debate and determine the fates of Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow.
In a scene that featured most of the series most important remaining characters — such as Grey Worm, Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Samwell, Yara, Gendry, Brienne, Davos, the Knights of the Vale, Edmur Tully, and a Dorneish prince — the newly established leaders of the realm deliberate about what to do with Jon Snow and Tyron Lannister, both of whom betrayed their now-dead queen, Daenerys Targaryen.
However, while many of the series’ most powerful characters were busy trading barbs and quips, fans’ attention seemed to be focused on a character that didn’t even utter a single word.
Seated in between Samwell Tarley and Lord Edmur Tully, fans believe that Game of Thrones subtly introduced Howland Reed, a longtime friend and ally of the late, great Ned Stark.

Howland Reed — the father of former Bran Stark companions Jojen and Meera Reed — had yet to make a (present day) appearance in the series despite his close relationship with the Starks.
Reed was, however, featured in one of Bran’s visions of the past, as he is with Ned Stark when to the two attempt to rescue Lyanna Stark from the Tower of Joy in season six.


However, because this final season of Game of Thrones has been uncharacteristically sloppy and at times genuinely inexplicable, the mystery character seated next to Samwell is never identified, leaving fans to decide for themselves.

HBO’s Emmy Award-winning fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’, which first premiered on April 17, 2011, concluded its eight-season run on Sunday, May 19.

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