Arya Stark Spin-Off: What's 'West of Westeros'?

With multiple Game of Thrones spin-offs currently in production, fans have begun wondering if one of them is going to feature Arya Stark and her adventures discovering the new world “West of Westeros”.


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Of all the Stark arc conclusions, it was perhaps Arya’s that was the most interesting (what else is new) and filled with spin-off potential, as she headed off to discover what lies west of Westeros.
While Game of Thrones mostly focused on the continents of Westeros and Essos, George R.R. Martin has never been shy about the fact that a much larger world exists out there, as he once told Vulture in a 2014 interview that his map of the known world is intentionally vague to reflect the lack of knowledge currently possessed by the people in said world.

“It’s beyond the world they know.” Of the other continents yet to be explored, Martin said he “deliberately” kept Sothoryos mysterious, to echo real-life history: “Even though Africa was known to Europe from the earliest days of ancient Greece,” he said, “we knew relatively little about sub-Saharan Africa.” [via Vulture]

Now, HBO has only confirmed one of these spin-offs, a Naomi Watts-starring prequel currently titled The Long Night, so far. And while a spin-off based on a main character from the original series has never been something that seems likely, if there were any character and actress that could maintain such a series, it’s Arya Stark and Maisie Williams.
Williams, already an Emmy nominated actress at just 22-years-old, still has her whole career ahead of her, while the combination of Arya’s intriguing, layered, and magical background combined with the possibilities of discovering new lands in “The Known World” make for an endlessly entertaining series.

HBO’s Emmy Award-winning fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’, which first premiered on April 17, 2011, concluded its eighth and final season on Sunday, May 19.

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