WATCH: Stephen A. Smith Delivers Epic Rant After Knicks Lose Lottery

Stephen A. Smith went on an all-time classic rant on Wednesday, May 14, following the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery in Chicago, Illinois. Entering the lottery, the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Phoenix Suns were the favorites to land the No. 1 pick with many appearing to assume the Knicks would get the spot and opportunity to draft Duke basketball star Zion Williamson.
Well, thanks to some new draft lottery rules, there were some major shakeups and it was the New Orleans Pelicans who jumped in the lottery and stole the No. 1 pick.
No. 2 went to the Memphis Grizzlies, who also leapfrogged the top three teams. New York fell to No. 3, Cleveland fell to No. 5, and Phoenix fell to No. 4. The Los Angeles Lakers picked up the No. 4 overall selection.
After the lottery, a very frustrated Stephen A. emerged from the shadows to deliver a hilarious, epic rant in a pitch-black video in a way that only Stephen A. can.
Watch his utter disgust on full display below.

Was this filmed during The Battle of Winterfell? Where were you, Stephen A? He was so angry that he reached directly for his phone and couldn’t even bother to find a light switch.
There is some light at the end of the tunnel if you are a New York Knicks fan, however. Even though the franchise missed out on a rare physical specimen like Zion Williamson, they will have the opportunity to pick up either Zion’s Blue Devils teammate RJ Barrett or “point god” Ja Morant of Murray State. The team could also trade the No. 3 pick and a young star to New Orleans in exchange for Anthony Davis. Oh, and they still have massive amounts of cap space to land some max free agents.
At this point, anything is possible.

Lakers Star Paid Tribute to Tyrion Lannister at the NBA Draft Lottery
Lakers Star Paid Tribute to Tyrion Lannister at the NBA Draft Lottery
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