Caitlin Fink: California High School Senior Heading into Adult Film

Caitlin Fink, an 18-year-old senior student who attended Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California, has made headlines in recent weeks for her decision to begin a career in the adult film and entertainment industry.
The 18-year-old woman first rose to national attention in early April when the Lodi Unified School District attempted to block an article about her career being published by Bear Creek High School’s newspaper, The Bruin Voice.
Fink reportedly left her family home on New Year’s Eve 2018 to live on her own. Through the money she makes in the adult film industry, Fink pays rent, utilities, her phone bill, and other various costs of living.
Speaking to CBS Sacramento, Fink said that she does not think that the adult film industry should be considered such a “taboo” topic.
“I feel like the district sees it as a taboo thing that should be swept under the rug, but it’s really not a taboo topic. It’s just a topic that people don’t like to talk about because it makes them feel uncomfortable,” Fink told reporters.
Additionally, Fink reiterated that because she is 18-years-old, what she is doing is legal.
“I’m 18, what I’m doing is legal, and I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal out of it,” she said in an interview.
Fink — who says she began in the industry by selling nude photographs and began earning as much as $475 per hour — plans to continue working in the adult film industry.
“I like the positive attention I get from it,” she told CBS Sacramento. “Even though I know what their intentions are it’s still nice to know that they think that about me because I don’t believe it sometimes.”
Pornhub Communications Director Chris Jackson released the following statement to Heavy regarding Fink’s work with the website: “[Fink] hasn’t signed a deal but is one of over 100,000 independent models who use Pornhub to monetize their content via ad revenue on views, tips, selling videos and fan clubs.”
In addition to her adult film career, Fink says she also hopes to become a model and an adult dancer.
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