Want to dress like an NBA star? This guide will help

Fashion and the NBA have gone hand-in-hand together for decades. While the styles and the players on the court may have changed, the fact that so many players in the National Basketball Association have adhered to fashion trends or even pioneered them has stayed true.
In the modern NBA, it’s the best players and the biggest names that people often look to for their fashion as well as their game performance. Mega stars like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Russell Westbrook all are pioneers on fashion and each have their own unique flair. It’s clear that what they wear before and after a game is a calculated choice. Sometimes it’s casual. Sometimes it’s classic. Sometimes it borders on the absurd and leaves you scratching your head saying, “What in the world?” Regardless, what stars choose to wear make waves in the fashion and NBA world.
If you’re looking for a primer on NBA fashion, you’re in luck. The folks at The Black Tux recently created an NBA style guide that highlights some of the biggest stars and their fashion.
Check out the amazing graphics from the guide below:

Lonzo Ball Addresses Alan Foster/BBB Situation on 'The Shop'
Lonzo Ball Addresses Alan Foster/BBB Situation on 'The Shop'
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