Lonzo Ball Addresses Alan Foster/BBB Situation on 'The Shop'

Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball parted ways with longtime family friend and business partner Alan Foster after it was determined that Foster was using access to Lonzo’s finances for his own personal gain. Lonzo parted ways with the Big Baller Brand co-founder, who was a close friend of his father. As it turned out, Foster has a criminal past and Ball suspects the family confidant of using Ball’s money to enrich himself. Foster had access to Ball’s finances and was unable to account for $1.5 million in missing funds.
Since then, Lonzo has disassociated with the Big Baller Brand and even covered up his Triple-B tattoo.
On the most recent episode of LeBron James‘ HBO show The Shop, Lonzo opened up for the first time to discuss the Foster situation and how it personally impacted him when he learned the news.
”I think when my daughter was born, that’s when it really kind of clicked. Like ‘yo, you gotta start taking control, because now I’m not just doing shit for me, or my mom and my dad — who I love — but I’ve got to look out for a little one that’s mine. That I brought into the world.’ So I mean, when she was born, I started thinking about it, and then just everything that happened recently with Alan and everything, that’s what kind of woke me up,” Lonzo said as transcribed by Silver Screen and Roll.

”I’ve known him since I was 12… People don’t understand how (close he was)… I bought my mom and dad a house, and he had a room in there. So like what the media sees… The way I feel about him is different, that’s why I covered the BBB (tattoo) up on my arm. Because when I saw that, I saw him and that s— just made me so (angry). Because when we looked at the transactions, s— didn’t start happening until my mom got sick, because she took care of all the money s—.
“So that’s what really hurt me, like that s— hurt me. Like I don’t even know what I would do if I see him right now. I ain’t seen him. So it was like when that happened, everything just went off.”
Since leaving Big Baller Brand, Ball has hinted at a potential move to Nike We will have to see if the move eventually becomes official.
You can watch the full episode of The Shop featuring Lonzo Ball, Travis Scott, Don Cheadle, Pharrell, DeAndre Hopkins and more on HBO Now or HBO Go.

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