Two Florida Middle Schoolers Arrested For Planning To Kidnap & Murder 9 People

Delaney Barnes & Solonge Green, two 14-year-old Florida middle-school students, have been arrested and charged for allegedly concocting a plan to kidnap and kill nine people. The plan was called “Project 11/9”.

What Happened & What Is “Project 11/9”?

According to the Highland’s County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, both Barnes and Green were arrested on Wednesday, April 17, after an Avon Park Middle School teacher discovered their eight-page “Project 11/9″ murder plan.
Police say that the documents the teacher found named nine separate targets and was filled with details on how they planned to obtain weapons, murder the victims, and dispose of their bodies.
Additionally, the folder that the “Project 11/9″ documents were in had “Private Info” and “Do not open” written on it.
Following their arrest on April 17, both Barnes and Green were placed into juvenile custody and were officially charged with nine counts of conspiring to commit homicide and three counts of kidnapping. They were taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Bartow, Florida.

The Aftermath

In an official statement to reporters, Highlands County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Scott Dressel said “it doesn’t matter if they [Barnes and Green] thought it was a joke.”
“It doesn’t matter if they thought it was a joke. It’s not a joke. There’s no joking about something like this. You don’t make a joke about killing people. It’s not a joke,” Dressel said to ABC 13.
Avon Park Middle School also addressed Barnes & Green on Facebook, saying that the investigation is currently ongoing.
“At the end of the day yesterday two students were taken into custody at Avon Park Middle School after a teacher alerted law enforcement of a possible plan to harm others off campus,” the Facebook statement from the Avon Park Middle School begins.
“All families involved have been contacted. As this is an ongoing investigation no further details will be released at this time,” the statement concludes.
Additionally, all nine victims listed in the murder plot plan to press charges, The Ledger reports.

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