Drunk Florida Man Arrested For 'Aggressively' Stuffing His Face With Olive Garden Pasta

Ben Padgett is the latest entry into the “Florida Man” archives. The latest wild crime and arrest to come out of the Sunshine State has to do with Padgett, 32, getting hammered and eating his pasta too “aggressively” at an Olive Garden. Yep, drunk binge-eating is the latest Florida Man trend.
According to a report from the Miami Herald, Padgett was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer after he threatened to beat up an employee, asked about their sex organs, and stuffed his face with pasta.
What a guy…
From the report:

When cops arrived, they encountered a shirtless man sitting outside on a bench shoveling spaghetti into his mouth with his hands. The individual, identified as Ben Padgett, smelled like booze, the report said.
The caller, a worker at the eatery named Ronald Worst, told officers that Padgett had been loitering outside, then had come inside and began to cause a scene. Worst told cops that the individual began yelling at him, I could beat your a–,” and asking whether he had male or female sex organs.

Before he was arrested, Padgett politely asked for some paper towels so that he could clean all of the stray pasta off of his face. He then turned violent after the kind request, bashing his head against the metal cage when he was in the back of the cop car.
Padgett was taken to the local hospital to treat a cut on his forehead caused by his own idiocy before being booked at the Naples Jail Center.
The drunken pasta-lover was released on $2,000 bond; hopefully he got some breadsticks.

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