Conor McGregor Trolls Paulie Malignaggi After Artem Lobov Scuffle

Conor McGregor is chiming in on a recent scuffle between close friend and training partner Artem Lobov and Paulie Malignaggi, who he sparred with leading up to his fight with undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Malignaggi slapped Lobov at a Bare Knuckle FC media day in New York City and a brawl nearly broke out.
Following the scuffle, McGregor took to social media to troll Malignaggi, which is something he’s made a habit of doing.
McGregor didn’t have too much to say, but he did fire off a series of tweets that had photos from their sparring sessions where McGregor appears to be getting the best of the former champion.

In total, Conor posted 21 photos of Malignaggi eating his punches.
Of course, Malignaggi had a response.
“You gotta post the whole spar for it to count. We all know only pu***ies post clips n snippets AND we already know overall you STAY gettin your a** whipped when full vids are public,” Malignaggi wrote. “I’m gonna put your boy in a coma n there aint sh*t your gonna do about it pu**y.”
Lobov also commented on the near brawl, saying that Malignaggi was only tough because a crowd was around them.
“He was an (expletive) an hour ago, and he still is an (expletive),” Lobov said, via “(BKFC President David Feldman) begged me not to touch him. He said, ‘Please don’t lay a hand on him. We need him for the fights. I said, ‘Look, no problem, David. You’ve got my word.’
“He’s here when the crowd is around us, but let’s be honest. If this was just a fight, what do you think would have happened with this guy. I would have been stomping on his head in seconds. I’m not a guy to wrestle much in my fights, but I know where my advantages lay when I square up against him. I would just double-leg him and kick him in the (expletive) face. That’s it.”
We can’t wait to see the inevitable bare-knuckle boxing match between Malignaggi and Lobov. And who knows, maybe one day we will get to see Malignaggi vs. McGregor inside of the ring. You know Conor loves a good payday.

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