Ex-Kentucky Student Camryn Hester Put On Blast For Racist Social Media Posts

Camryn Hester is making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. On Monday, April 1, the former University of Kentucky student was put on blast on social media by Kentucky sophomore Shyla Harton for posting a racist message on Snapchat.
Hester gave a thumbs up to the camera with a caption which read “N*ggers should die.”
“@universityofky !!! This is not okay. As a black Student, I don’t feel safe,” Harton wrote on Twitter. “If this is how she feels, who’s to say she won’t shoot the school up? What are you going to do about this to Ensure the safety of African-American Students????
“Something needs to be done. As a student who pays good money to go here, I shouldn’t have to fear that I could lose my life walking to class because another student feels I don’t deserve the right to live because of my skin color.”
The photo of Camryn can be seen below.

The University of Kentucky has since addressed the situation and says that Hester is no longer enrolled at the university.
“We are investigating the post now. As for the image depicted, it is disgusting and completely incompatible with the values of this institution. We aspire to be a community of belonging for everyone on our campus — regardless of who they are, what they believe, what they look like or where they are from,” a statement from university spokesman Jay Blanton read, via Insider.
“We have made important progress toward that end but work remains.”
It is also not the first time that Hester had been seen using racial slurs on social media.

While the university looks into the photo, the Black Students Advisory Council has been holding a peaceful protest, #OccupyUK, on campus throughout the week with the hope of “addressing issues among low-income and minority students and diversifying the school’s student population and administration.”
The student group has since met with university officials to voice their concerns.

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