Staten Island Teacher Sent Bizarre Messages To Friends Before Disappearance

Jeanine Cammarata, a 37-year-old elementary school teacher from Staten Island, has been missing since March 30. According to reports, Cammarata was last seen dropping off her boyfriend before disappearing. She was reported missing on April 2 after her boyfriend alerted police she had not been showing up to work.
Her current boyfriend, who reportedly has a history of domestic violence incidents, is the last person to see her, but he is not being considered a person of interest, according to the New York Post. He is cooperating with police.
“She is a mother of 3 children, she’s a school teacher. She’s never once NOT called into school. She’d never risk her job at the board of Ed in NYC,” Jeanine’s close friend Jessica Pobega wrote in a post to her Facebook page. “She’d never NOT check in with me or her sister Christine. She didn’t call her mother for her bday, which was yesterday.”
Police say Cammarata is 4-foot-11, 120 pounds and drives a white 2017 Chevrolet Cruz NY license plate number HSK8417.

To add a bizarre twist to the story, friends of Cammarata say they were receiving strange messages from Jeanine on Facebook Messenger before she disappeared.
From the report:

“I have the kids,” Cammarata wrote. “I apologize. I have to do this for the children.”
Pobega added that her friend did not see the kids over the weekend, causing added confusion and concern.
Police said Cammarata also sent a text message to her roommate, telling her she was okay and that she needed a break.

Her ex-husband, Michael Cammarata, is currently in police custody. The couple has three children together and were in the middle of a custody hearing when Jeanine vanished. Michael is set to be charged with assault on Jeanine, according to New York 1’s Dean Meminger.
Anyone with information on Jeanine’s whereabouts are urged to contact authorities by using the NYPD Hotline, 1-800-577-8477.

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